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Common but complex

It may seem like a common charge, but that doesn’t mean being accused of drinking and driving should be taken lightly. Driving while impaired is a complex charge that can affect your license, property, and freedom.

With your cooperation, a careful consideration of your situation, and his experience with cases like yours, Adam will prepare the defense you deserve.

The sooner you prepare your defense the better — contact Adam today.

Drugs, the court, and you

You’ve been charged with the illegal possession, sale, and/or manufacture of a drug. Now that you’re fighting a controlled substance charge, your livelihood, freedom, and status as a non-felon are on the line.

Adam Garber will help walk you through what’s most important to your case. A rigorous analysis of the evidence is the foundation for fighting any case, and Adam will ensure that your case is a priority.

Contact Adam as soon as possible to prepare your zealous defense.

Protecting yourself from an assault charge

You’ve been charged with threatening to injure or injuring another person. With a host of collateral consequences these charges are serious, even if they are charged as Misdemeanors. Serious charges require a serious defense.

Adam Garber’s first step will be to immerse himself in the facts of your case. He will ensure that you understand your case, the law, and what's at stake. With a close look at all the factors of your case and his experience with the law, Adam will provide you a zealous defense.

Ask Adam to prepare your defense today.

Not to be taken lightly

If you've been charged with a theft or burglary, your career may be at stake. Just like any charge, defending yourself against a theft charge is a delicate process that requires knowledge of the law and the judicial system.

With Adam’s help you can make sure that you get a zealous defense when you need it the most.

Call Adam today to get started.

Restore your rights

You made a mistake, and have since paid your debt to society. Now you're trying to find a job, or start school and more and more you feel like that mistake is still haunting you.

It doesn't need to; Adam can bring proceedings to have that mistake wiped from the court records.

Don't keep paying old debts, call Adam for a free consultation.

Protect your freedom

The rules of probation vary, but the need to defend yourself from probation violations doesn’t. You need someone who understands the intent behind the rules of probation and can adequately represent your interests and needs to the Court.

Don’t just assume you're stuck behind bars. With the proper representation from an trained and experienced lawyer like Adam you’ve got a shot at getting out.

Don’t give up, call Adam today.

Meet Your Defense

You've had a run in with the law and you have a lot of questions. No matter your walk of life or the charges against you, Adam Garber will provide you a personal and zealous defense.
As his client, you will always know where you and your case sits with the court; no legalese required -- it's his mission to make sure you understand what's going on. By getting to know you and your case, Adam makes it his priority to give you the defense you deserve.

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